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Major tasks and responsibilities of position (max. 8 key topics)

 1. Controlling quality of Packaging incoming materials ensuring quality

inspection met Bayer specification

2. Propose new tool for packaging, Following up and implementing

calibration/verification of the plan of Packaging equipment

3. Develop and Testing packaging material concept for new product

4. Investigating packaging of fake products and customer complaints

5. Do and upload artwork to eLabel system (local aw)

6. Working on SAP system: Create/modify Technical Drawing, Packaging

Material Specification (PMS), PGS M & PGS N for new concept

7. Develop and control anti-counterfeit technology on packaging

8. Check packaging printable of export products, Check cromalin, Check

Proof print/sample

9. Manage UN certificate

10. Follow up PD project (Starbags, single wall boxship, eliminate

shrink film…)

11. Prepare sample cabinet, retain packaging sample

12. Cooperate to SC, Procurement to Audit supplier (local+regional) +

do report, Develop new packaging supplier

13. Cooperate with PacTec Regional to solve problem related to

packaging for export products

14. Cooperate with supplier to solve problem related to packaging for

local products

 Qualifications (Education, skills, experiences and personal characteristics necessary for success in this position)

-University or College degree in Chemical

-Good in design software, Good in English (communication and

translating of  technical document) and computer skill (Word, Excel,

Power Point)

-At least 2 year-working-experience in similar position in

multi-national company

-Having experiences in development and quality control of packaging

-Having knowledge about ISO 9001, ISO 14001

-Love to job, long-term desire.

-Good communication, presentation skills, teamwork

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