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Department of Printing Technology


Md. Che Quoc Long
Email: longcq@hcmute.edu.vn
Mobile: +84913922377
Md. Truong The Trung
Email: trungtt@hcmute.edu.vn
Mobile: +84908284275
Md. Nguyen Minh Nhat
Email: nhutnm@hcmute.edu.vn

1. Areas of studying

Department of printing technology serves to equip students with the knowledge : printing technology, print product quality control, offset printing, flexo printing technology, how to control printer such as, sheetfed or web....
2. Areas of researching

Department of printing technology of FGAM in development-oriented research:

+ Research printing methods such as offset printing, gravure, Flexo, digital..

+ Research all standards for printing to control the quality of printing products: ISO 12647, GMI, G7, Fogra....

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