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Nano tech promises laser printer resolution revolution

Scientists at the Technical University of Denmark said they’ve made a major nanotechnology breakthrough which will “revolutionise” laser printing technology.

The technique will allow high resolution data and colour images of microscopic dimensions and very high resolutions.

The Danish scientists promise resolutions of 127,000 dots per inch (DPI) compared to today’s omnipresent 300 DPI.

The breakthrough has been patented by the boffins who intend to develop the technology to replace the current laser printers we’re using.

Professor Anders Kristensen said it will mean saving data that’s invisible to human eyes. “This includes serial numbers or bar codes of products and other information. The technology can also be used to combat fraud and forgery as the products will be labelled in a way that makes them very difficult to reproduce,” he said.

The good professor said a number of companies have already expressed interest in the technology.


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